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What is structured Wiring?

Structured wiring is a cable and wiring management system that is used in new home construction and is necessary for meeting a homeowner's audio, video and home automation needs.  Structured wiring is set up by running multiple wire and cables that will carry voice, data and video signal throughout your house.  This management system provides high definition quality and is significantly better than the traditional method of looping phone wire from location to another or wiring all your cable wires outside of the house.  These wires mainly consist of Category 6 cables, RG 6 coaxial and audio cable that run to a centralized connection centre.  These wires can be run individually to a location or in combination that would be best suited for a particular application (home office or multimedia, for example.)

An architect produces a very detailed floor plans in order to turn an idea into a build-able home. Much collaboration is needed between the architect and client to ensure that the end result is what was envisioned. Likewise, your home's technology systems need to be designed and engineered well in advance of actual construction and should be reflected on a detailed low-voltage wiring plan.

HDI will work with you to create an amazing home entertainment and smart home technology plan that suits both your needs and your budget.  Discussing your audio/video, computer networking, lighting control system and home automation needs early with HDI in the home design phase results in necessary collaboration between your architect, interior designer, builder and all affected subcontractors.  Costly change orders can be avoided and the end result is a smoother construction process and greatly improved finished aesthetics and functionality. 

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