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Smart Home Automation

Simply your home or office by streamlining your A/V components, lighting, shades and climate control with one touch of a button or by using your smart device.  

HDI has been helping our clients bring their smart home automation dreams to reality.

Blinds & Shades


Refined Daylight Control

Energize your mornings with natural light, while ensuring privacy when you want it. Quiet, automated shades respond at the touch of a button or through a personalized schedule.

Add Convenience 
Adjust shades with a wire free handheld, wall mounted control, or smart phone from anywhere in the room.  A single button press adjusts hard to reach window treatments.  Cord free design makes this solution safe for homes with young children or pets.

EnhanceYour Decor
Choose from beautiful fabrics, colours, styles, and textures. Give your room a crisp, clean look that complements many decorating styles.


Enjoy unwinding from a hectic day by relaxing with the family to watch your favourite shows or movies with just the touch of button.  Turn on the sound system that will enhance the experience, making everything you watch a theatre like surround sound experience. Powered by amazing sound and a stunning visual experience in ULTRA HD or 4K display.

Control at your fingertips

RTI is a Home Automation system that connects all your sources to one centralized system sending signals throughout the home allowing you to use your RTI remote or your smart device tablet or phone. Turn on your Home Entertainment, set your thermostat and lighting to match any mood.  

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