The general contractor

The picture below was taken at a house where a huge renovation had just been competed. High Definition Installations was asked to mount a 60” LED panel, install in wall speakers, and hook up a 5.1 surround sound system. Upon arriving at the customer’s house it became evident that this installation may not be what the customer was looking for. While the general contractor obviously had the best of intentions, there were a couple of problems with the build. First, the length of the HDMI cables - barely 16” of length had been allowed to attach to the back of the panel. Given the TV was 60”, there needed to be at least 36” of slack to properly attach to the panel and allow for an acceptable cable bend radius. And secondly, notice the distance between the plug and the mantle - barely one inch. Therefore in order to cover the plug the TV had to basically sit right on top of the mantle. Besides the obvious aesthetic of a panel resting 1” above the mantle, from the seated position the bottom portion of the TV was visually cut off by the mantle. The general contractor was really cool about the whole situation and ended up fixing everything to satisfy the customer but the point is that had the customer contacted a custom installation company like High Definition Installations during the construction phase, all of this could have been avoided.

117_Bracket over fireplace