Flat Panel TV speakers

At High Definition Installations we wall mount a lot of brand new TV's. The trend for any new Panel today is to be super thin. We've seen Panel's that are even less than 1.5" thick!  And customers demand that the TV be mounted as close to the wall as possible for a clean look.  One of the comments we hear over and over again from customers that the sound coming from the TV speakers is really poor.  There are a couple of reasons for this: As the panels get thinner there is physically no room in the panel housing for a large speaker. so the speakers are tiny with small magnets so as to not interfere with the display.  And placement, speakers either face downwards or at the back (see picture below).  Imagine a panel wall mounted with speakers facing the wall with less than one inch between the wall and the panel. Customers spend thousands on a brand new TV only to be disappointed with the sound quality of the sub par TV speakers. Imagine watching a new Blu-Ray movie and seeing an amazing picture but missing out on all the great sound.  Hardly a satisfying experience. To get the most out of your viewing experience we recommend that our customers seriously consider a high quality sound bar to complement the TV. One of the best sound bars on the market is the Soundtrack System by Paradigm Electronics and as were are a dealer for Paradigm customers can save the installation fee if purchased through High Definition Installations.
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