Falling TV's send kids to the ER evey 30 minutes

Note to all parents with young children:
High Definition Installations was contacted recently by a parent who’s 3 year old climbed up on a media cabinet and ended up tipping over the TV, landing on top of the child on the floor. Fortunately the child was not seriously injured. The distraught parent called us in to wall mount a brand new TV to prevent this accident from ever happening again. The statistics are shocking - injuries specifically in a TV tip-over rose to 12,300 in 2011, a 125 percent increase in 22 years. The rate of injury from TV tip-overs increased 95 percent! High Definition Installations believes this problem is about to dramatically increase. Check out the two pictures below of a new 2014 panel. Look at the new design of the stands - they provide very little resistance for tipping if a small child grabs a hold of the TV. So any parents of small children are strongly encouraged to have all flat panels in the home wall mounted to prevent tip over injuries.
Here is a recent
article on tip over injuries to small children.

Samsung tip1Samsung tip2