Servicing Toronto GTA, Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Brampton, Oakville, Aurora, Newmarket, Klienburg, King, Bolton, Barrie

Questions and Answers:

-Q: The number one question we get from clients is ‘Do you wall mount TV’s?’
-A: Yes; click
here for pricing.

-Q: Will my TV fall off the wall?
-A: NO. We use high quality specialized fasteners that are only commercially available designed specifically for wall mounting applications including difficult hollow walls. Most of our competitors use cheap fasteners which are not designed for hollow walls, brick, concrete, or when a stud is not available.

-Q: What areas do you service?
-A: We are proud to service the Toronto GTA area including Barrie to the north. However, we will venture out of our service area depending on the size of the job, and or coordination with another installation. Please call for further details.

-Q: I live in a Condominium. Can you wall mount a TV on a Condo wall?
-A: Yes! We can safely and securely mount any size TV on any wall in your Condo including metal stud walls and concrete. In fact TV wall mounting makes most sense in a Condo as it gets rid of the bulky stand and cabinet and frees up a lot of living space.

-Q: Why do you watermark all the photos in your Gallery section?
-A: Quite simply because is frustrating to see our work on other installers website’s and advertising.

-Q: Do you have any experience?
-A: Yes! With over twenty years of construction and renovation experience and over 2500 flat panel TV installs we have more experience than anyone else in this business. Don't be fooled by other installers who have fancy websites, say they work for big box stores, or advertise unusually low prices. Knowing how houses are constructed is a key asset in ensuring that a TV is mounted safely and securely. You spent a lot of money for your TV - why settle for anything less?

-Q: I'm concerned about the quality of the work from some of the service providers online - why should I trust you?
-A: As an Incorporated Company in the province of Ontario since 1978 (Ontario Corp Number 380704) with over 30 years of honest, dedicated service and experience we will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work.